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Food is the universal language of people, for the simple fact that everyone has to eat. And since we eat to live, food and the love of food can transcend borders, barriers, and sometimes even politics.

Accordingly, the rather mundane title of “food blogger” undersells how deeply cooking content can resonate with a worldwide audience. Whether they’re reviewing restaurants, blogging about food, sharing recipes, or just taking selfies with their meals, foodies consistently publish some of the most viral content on all of social media.

There are three primary qualities of food content that makes it so popular on Instagram:

  1. Ubiquitous – food and eating are universal
  2. Shareable – great food is visually appealing and eating is a social activity
  3. Aspirational – people want to cook and eat delicious food

We put together a list of some of our favorite Instagram chefs and why your taste buds will thank you for following them:

1. Gather & Feast

322k Instagram followers

Ashley Alexander is an Australian food blogger and self-taught cook who features simple, easy-to-follow recipes that look as good as they taste. She uses a variety of easily obtainable fresh ingredients in her meals, and posts step-by-step recipes with videos to help her followers recreate her artfully crafted dishes.

2. Sarah Brunella

100k Instagram followers

Sarah Brunella is an Italian food photographer and recipe developer who brings rustic Italian standbys to the global stage with the snap of a shutter and the scribble of a pen. Sarah keeps a list of hard-to-find ingredients that she uses often, to help her readers achieve the authentic, intended flavor of her recipes.

3. Star Infinite Food

152k Instagram followers

A private chef and food stylist, Caitlin Greene posts beautifully framed “fun and healthy” recipes on her various social media channels. She has cookbooks for sale, as well as online recipes and a newsletter available for her followers. What sets Caitlin apart is her devotion to fitness – not only does she create healthy recipes, she also offers workout and supplement advice.

4. Baker by Nature

275k Instagram followers

Ashley is a Bostonian baker, recipe developer, and food photographer devoted to sharing simple dessert recipes that work for the average Joe. Using her background as a photographer, Ashley shoots her delicious baked goods for her Instagram, while providing in-depth recipes and how-tos on her blog and Pinterest.

5. Matt Adlard

605k Instagram followers

Once better known as the Topless Baker, Matt Adlard is a self-taught baker whose gimmick once revolved around, well, being shirtless. For Matt, what began as an innocent, quirky stunt quickly unfolded into viral fame. Though he’s left “Topless Baking” behind, Matt carries on as a YouTube baker, who offers tutorials, recipes, and even online classes.

6. Ela Vegan

802k Instagram followers

Ela is a German vegan chef devoted to living a clean, healthy, and meat-free life. She shares vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, and low-sugar recipes on her blog, in addition to the incredible photos she takes of the final product. She also occasionally showcases homemade vegan beauty products to round out her repertoire.

7. Nutrition Stripped

345k Instagram followers

McKel Kooienga is a licensed nutritionist and dietitian who features a combination of healthy recipes, meal plans, and informative food science articles on her blog and social channels. McKel leverages her advanced understanding of nutrition to create and share healthy meals that are backed by real-world credentials. She also offers wellness coaching.

8. The Raw Boy

718k Instagram followers

Though he left YouTube, The Raw Boy got his start vlogging his experiments with vegan cooking, and has since turned his cooking acumen into a brand. Nowadays, The Raw Boy features authentic Latin American-inspired vegan cuisine on his Instagram, alongside his loyal dog. Lately, Neto has taken to sharing his workout routines with his followers as he embarks on a journey to get in shape.

9. Dennis The Prescott

499k Instagram followers

Dennis is a musician-turned-cook who writes a weekly column for Food & Wine and shares his delectable recipes on his Instagram. He’s published cookbooks with his mouth-watering recipes, in addition to consistently updating his social media channels with new-and-improved ones. Infused in his meals is a sense of freedom and energy, harkening from his background as a musician.

10. Over the Fire Cooking

817k Instagram followers

Derek Wolf is a “fire cooking enthusiast” who showcases his grilled meats and veggies, as well as his homemade spice rubs and marinades. Though he’s a sucker for marbled meats, Derek also posts a variety of fish, veggies, and even cast-iron breakfasts. He often replies to his comments with technique and setup advice.

Instagram is a hub for food content – with every scroll, you’re bound to see a well-plated meal or a bowl of fresh ingredients. Follow these 10 food influencers for vibrant and tasty reasons to check your Instagram feed.

July 30, 2019
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