EP 02: Wearing Many Hats feat. Haley Uzelac and Krista Stucchio

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In the second episode of the Julius Profiles podcast, the hilarious Haley Uzelac and Krista Stucchio from GoDaddy discuss the challenge of wearing multiple hats as marketers. People often think, “Those people on the influencer team are just going to go find the influencers and get them to do stuff for us because that’s what we need them to do.” But there’s a lot that goes into it.

Influencer marketing is not just about finding the person that’s creating that sexy content – it’s finding the people who are going to be able to tell your story and engaging them in a more meaningful way. You have to ensure you align with their creative brand as well as aligning them with yours. And beyond choosing the right people and building that all-important relationship, there are so many other hats an influencer marketer has to wear: strategic, creative, educational, production, analytical, empathetic, account management, community management, and legal.

It’s a great discussion and both Haley and Krista have tons of insights to share about influencer marketing and how they manage to wear multiple hats throughout the day to get the job done. For all this and more, take a listen!

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About our guests:

Philly-raised, now New York City-based, GoDaddy’s Talent Desk & Social Media Influencer Lead, Haley Uzelac (@haleyuzelac), knew that marketing was her calling as early on as high school. From working in media right out of college, she found it was not necessarily her passion, and when asked what her passion was at the time, it was her blog www.hopefullymuzing.com. Working on her blog as a “side hustle,” Haley then began to see the impact of influencers and word-of-mouth marketing, so she decided to explore career opportunities in the field. This led her to the influencer marketing department at an agency, strategizing and executing different influencer plans across a wide range of clients. In June of 2018, Haley accepted the position to build out the influencer marketing department at GoDaddy. Now with an Instagram following of 7.2K+ and updating her blog frequently, Haley is able to see both sides of influencer marketing: the brand side, and the influencer side.

GoDaddy’s Social Media & Content Manager, Krista Stucchio (@kstucchio), is Long Island, NY born and Bucks County, PA grown. Shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland with a journalism degree, she moved to the Greater New York City area where she landed roles in marketing and social media. Krista is a social media enthusiast and foodie with a passion for photography. You can typically find her scrolling through Instagram, eating just about anything or with camera in hand. Krista could not be happier being part of the newly established and rapidly growing GoDaddy brand social team. When she’s not sharing stories about rising entrepreneurs, she’s being one herself. Outside of the office, Krista is a photographer and runs a food-focused Instagram called @hashtagfoodpic. Her plate is always full, both literally and figuratively, and she’s continuously hungry for success.

Key episode insights:

  • Influencer marketing – something different every day
  • The many different “hats” a marketer has to wear
  • The two phases of every influencer marketing campaign: the strategic and the executional
  • The skills you need to be successful at influencer marketing and social media
  • Balancing work and responsibilities with content creation
  • The importance of carving out some “me time”
  • Haley and Krista’s hopes and dreams for the future
  • Advice for prospective influencers that are trying to make it
  • The makings of a good influencer partner
  • How to effectively build relationships with influencers
  • Why influencer marketing is like “the sea of caveats”
  • Understanding what influencer marketing truly is
  • And much more!
February 26, 2019
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