Huge Scales Influencer Marketing and Wins New Business with Julius

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Huge, a global experience and integrated marketing agency, knew it was destined for great things from inception. Today, the agency has 1,400 employees across 12 offices. The approach to influencer marketing at Huge developed over time, adding digital and social media influencers in 2015. Huge realized it needed a more dedicated solution to act effectively at scale and discovered the Julius influencer marketing platform.

“Of all the solutions we evaluated, Julius had the most comprehensive capabilities, gave us all the access we needed to quality influencers, and the team was very hands-on in their approach,” says Brad Wellen, Group Director of Social at Huge.

Huge's Business-Winning Influencer Marketing Analytics

Huge soon found great value in Julius’ analytics tools, not just for campaigns, but for winning new business, too. Julius delivers a PDF report showing demographics of influencer audiences, including engagement levels across whichever platforms the influencers are active on.

“When we deliver an analysis prepared by Julius, potential clients can immediately see the engagement levels on familiar platforms, as well as cost, cadence and volume metrics. Julius leaves no stone unturned and allows brands to easily understand the value of working with a given influencer or set of influencers,” adds Brad.

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January 02, 2019
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