Weekly Roundup: Week of 08/05/2019

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Influencer marketing moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

Stories to follow:

How PR chiefs view the role of influencers in their comms strategies (The Drum)

The Drum spoke to PR executives from Edelman, Sonos, MHP Communications, Bacardi, and Publicis Group about the role of influencers in ad campaigns and how it’s changed. Key topics include building relationships with influencers, and influencing conversations and niche marketplaces.

Why Chipotle’s Bet On TikTok Is Paying Off (Forbes)

Chipotle is one of the first restaurant brands to experiment with TikTok, which has become a large part of their greater social media strategy. They use TikTok to tap into their Gen-Z audience, and their #chipotlelidflip campaign garnered over 230 million views between early May and June 6.

Insights to digest:

Instagram Wants Memers to Like It Again (The Atlantic)

After facing backlash for last week’s meme page culling, Instagram is looking to hire a strategic partnerships manager for meme pages and “digital publishers.” The goal is to create business relationships with established and up-and-coming meme accounts to understand and serve new forms of digital content.

U.S. Navy goes all in on influencer marketing with YouTube campaign (Campaign Live)

The U.S. Navy is trying its hand at an influencer marketing strategy, tapping three YouTube creators to make videos to drive recruitment. Their goal is to reach a wider audience of teenagers who may not know the Navy is an option for careers.

On the horizon:

Influencer Marketing Platform Market 2019 Ongoing Trends and Recent Developments (The Market Plan)

The influencer marketing platform market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3 percent from 2019 through 2027. Contributing factors include an increased demand for influencer content, campaign management tools, and reporting metrics.

How Razer’s New Streamer Program Creates and Leverages Its Own Nano-Influencers (The Esports Observer)

Razer, a PC gaming components and accessories brand, is piloting a streamer program to cultivate nano-influencers. The program divides partnered streamers into three tiers based on their follower counts, with different perks and rewards for each.

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August 08, 2019
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