Weekly Roundup: Week of 09/09/2019

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

Stories to follow:

Pinfluencers are here to stay (Quartz)

Usually, when you think of influencer marketing, you think Instagram and YouTube. Pinterest – affectionately referred to as the scrapbook of the internet – begs to differ. Pinterest is filled with sponsored content that users are eager to see and interact with. It’s not just a site for casual browsing – Pinterest users are typically there with intent, making influencer content all the more appealing.

Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway bought followers and created her own fan base to sell her unwritten memoir (Insider)

Disgraced influencer Caroline Calloway’s ghostwriter (you read that right) spilled her secrets in a tell-all piece for The Cut. Not only did she employ a ghostwriter, she also bought followers, organized a failed speaking tour, and took part in a variety of shady, inauthentic activities as an influencer. The drama has fueled countless thought pieces and exposés in and around the industry.

Insights to digest:

Are influencer trips still worth the hype? (Glossy)

The beauty industry is moving away from using all-expenses-paid trips as compensation. Though they contribute to beautiful emergent content, ROI is difficult to prove. And, as some CEOs have discovered, if one brand sends an influencer to Bali, their competitors “can’t just take a bunch of influencers to Miami.”

The most common thing brands don’t understand about working with YouTube stars (Vox)

According to Tara Walpert Levy, an influencer marketing executive at Google, “The No. 1 thing that matters most in influencer marketing – it really is picking a creator who’s a good match for you, and then trusting them and letting go of some of the control that many big brands, in particular, are used to.

On the horizon:

Can Influencers Improve Saudi Arabia’s Image? (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Saudi Arabia, hot on the heels of its alleged assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, is attempting to recover its image with influencers. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is determined to open the country up to concerts, high-profile sporting events, and of course, tourists. Their program, Gateway KSA, invites influencers from around the world to explore the countryside and experience the rich history of the embattled nation.

Why Fashion Influencers Are "Pivoting" To Anxiety (Refinery29)

As Western society seeks to destigmatize mental health disorders, influencers are helping to lead the charge. Fashion influencers like Yana Sheptovetskaya and Olivia Culpo talk openly about their struggles with anxiety and depression to open the floor to discussion with their followers. Talking about it openly is not only cathartic, it’s relatable for their thousands and millions of followers who might also struggle with these issues.

What’s Julius up to?

Our Head of Product Marketing, Danny Palestine, will be leading a workshop at Advertising Week NY on September 25! If you’re heading to the event, be sure to stop by for tactical advice for running your influencer marketing campaigns, including checklists, worksheets, and more.

September 12, 2019
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