Weekly Roundup: Week of 6/10/2019

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Influencer marketing moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

Stories to follow:

Instagram debuts branded content ads: (The New York Times)

Brands can now implement branded content into their advertising strategies on Instagram, so influencer content can make its way into targeted feeds without users having to follow them. Brands can sponsor branded influencer content to reach even larger audiences. For many, it will look like just another post in their feed, save for the “paid partnership” badge. The goal is to integrate a more organic experience to targeted ads.

‘Fortnite’ maker Epic Games buys social video app: (TechCrunch)

After raising $1.25 billion, Epic Games invested in social video app Houseparty, a private video messaging service. The goal is to give its playerbase of teenagers a safe place to interact. Epic’s move signals a greater shift towards user-generated content – Fortnite wants to integrate social networking into its games to enhance players’ experience – and advertise to them, too.

Insights to digest:

The money and trade-offs involved in the influencer economy: (NPR)

NPR interviews Taylor Lorenz, a technology writer for the Atlantic, about undercurrents in the influencer economy.

“The brands (have the upper hand). I mean, they're ultimately the ones that control the purse strings. So they're often the ones dictating the terms of these agreements and sometimes screwing over the younger, smaller influencers who often don't even have management or any power to negotiate.”

‘One-stop shop’: How YouTube is pitching its influencer marketing platform: (Digiday)

YouTube is pushing its in-house influencer marketing platform, Famebit, as a “one-stop shop” for self-service influencer marketing.

“In conversations with advertisers, YouTube is increasingly calling attention to FameBit and, specifically, the ability for marketers to work with creators on the platform on branded content, said three advertising executives inside different global agencies.”

On the horizon:

US agencies go after companies that paid social media influencers to promote vape products: (CNN)

The FDA is going after influencers who promote e-cigarettes, opening the door to further regulation over the types of brands that can use influencer marketing. While American regulators have long targeted the tobacco and alcohol industries, that those regulations have found their way to the relatively new world of influencer marketing adds a layer of complication for some brand marketers.

Nearly 80% of the influencers in Asia are micro influencers: (Marketing Interactive

As influencer marketing in Asia grows, a study by SocialBakers found that roughly 80% of asian influencers can be classified as “micro-influencers.” Though the industry is in its infancy in the East, there’s a lot of opportunity for brands to make headway with Asian audiences. Micro-influencers often charge less than their larger counterparts, and tend to have higher engagement rates as well.

What’s Julius up to?

This morning, our Head of Strategic Partnerships, Karin Swanson, presented “Dear Marketers, Love Influencers” at Social Media Week LA. Her presentation covered the insights we distilled into the ebook, ”Five Dos and Don’ts for Working with Influencers.” We talked to 300 influencers to get their perspective on what marketers can do to improve their campaigns.

Download the ebook, or check out our social media for photos, quotes, and more.

June 13, 2019
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