14 Rising Music Influencers You Should Follow in 2019

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According to MusicWatch, 9 out of 10 social media users experience music on an app.

Unique Engagement Between Musicians and Their Social Media Followers

Surprisingly, they also found social media users are twice as likely to follow bands as they are to follow politicians or a Kardashian, because they have a “sustained interest in the careers of their favorite artists.”

Musicians – especially those who have yet to “make it” – present a unique opportunity for influencer marketing. These influencers have indisputable creativity, and produce content that their followers are invested in seeing, and many of them grow from large audiences in a short time span. Start the relationship early and you never know where great talent can take your brand.


Marc Rebillet's reach has steadily grown over time

Using Julius’ influencer marketing software, we’ve compiled a list of 14 rising musicians on social media who we expect to make it big some time soon. Music influencers can leverage their unique and compelling talents to maximize engagement, even with sponsored content. For example, Andrew Huang, a popular YouTube musician, worked with Gillette to create a song using common shaving supplies.

1) Marc Rebillet

Marc Rebillet is a talented multi-instrumentalist who refers to himself as the “Loop Daddy.” His genre-bending and often humorous songs are constructed live using “loops” on audio recording software. Though his appeal is more niche than others, his steady follower growth and popularity among men in their 20s helps propel his songs to viral status.

2) Kyle Beats

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What would you give this 1-10?? . . . #music #beatmaker #beats #beatmaking

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Kyle Garvan, also known as Kyle Beats, is a hip-hop beat producer on YouTube. His videos include tutorials, how-to’s, and vlogs, in addition to his music. His style appeals to both DIY-ers and musicians, and he is talented enough to attract listeners all the same.

3) FrankJavCee

FrankJavCee – the stage name for San Francisco musician, Jav Contreras – is a pioneer of sorts for a popular style of video on YouTube. He lampoons popular music styles with comical how-to videos, like “How To SimpsonWave,” which simultaneously showcases his production talent and his satirical wit. He also vlogs, cooks, and releases original music of his own.

4) Imaginary Ambition

Piggybacking on the trend started by FrankJavCee, Andres Del Toro also creates satirical how-to videos, except he parodies specific artists with his own brand of introspective, dark humor. Videos like “How To Joji” have garnered him millions of views, using the popularity of the artists he satirizes to showcase his own musical artistry.

5) Josephine Alexandra

Multi-instrumentalist, Josephine Alexandra, is known for her diverse set of music covers, ranging from acoustic covers of popular Reggaeton tracks like Despacito, to guitar covers of the popular video game, PUBG’s theme song. She occasionally tours and travels, and posts her adventures to her Instagram as well.

6) The Theorist

A classical pianist, The Theorist brings classical music into the 21st century. Though he made his name making classical covers of pop music hits, The Theorist also creates original music and offers his sheet music for download on his website.

7) AcesToAces

AcesToAces is a musician, producer, and gamer. His content combines elements of each discipline, featuring original tracks, production tutorials, and video game streams. His audience skews young and male, capturing gamers who are interested in electronic music and musicians who want to learn more about their craft.

8) Nezza

Los Angeles singer, dancer, and influencer Nezza is best known for her R&B/Neo-Soul songs and choreography. However, her diverse set of skills and interests sees her YouTube featuring vlogs, mukbangs, and more, while her Instagram showcases her fashion sense and lifestyle.

9) Lucki Starr

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‪| So rare they swear she don’t exist, call her Lucki Starr⚡️‬ @pumawomen #pumawomen pc: @producer_allstar

A post shared by Lucki⋆ (@lucki_starr) on

The Shorty Award-winning Lucki Starr is singing and dancing her way to fame, climbing the R&B charts along the way. While her Instagram shows off her modeling chops, her YouTube shows her original music, covers, and vlogs as well. In addition, Lucki even publishes makeup and hair tutorials, making her a well-rounded and multi-faceted influencer.

10) YvngQuan

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Greatest hype man ever ! @mr_hotspot

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YvngQuan (aka Toosi) is an Atlanta based dancer and producer who the Fader described as “bringing the joy of Atlanta to the entire world.” His YouTube channel and Instagram page feature a mix of street-inspired, quintessentially Atlantan dances and beats.

11) Landon Austin

Nashville-based Landon Austin is a country singer, songwriter, and vlogger whose passion for fashion, guitars, and his dog Marty have scored him partnerships with Fender guitars and Daniel Wellington watches. His country covers and original songs are on-the-rise, earning millions of streams on Spotify.

12) Corey Vidal

Parodies will always have an audience, but Corey Vidal does his differently. The multi-faceted Vidal is a capable dancer, singer, and producer, whose content includes everything from Justin Bieber parodies to lightsaber fights. Though he is perhaps best known for his Star Wars-inspired fan films, Vidal is an expert digital producer, who can produce songs, direct films, and more.

13) Harutya (春茶)

Hailing from the enigmatic world of the Japanese social media platform, Nico Nico Douga, Harutya is a Japanese singer and songwriter who has figuratively crossed the seas to find success. Though the bulk of her following remains in Japan, Harutya is building worldwide appeal, especially in gaming circles. She is one of several Utaite, or singers from Nico Nico Douga, who are building followings beyond the Japanese-speaking platform.

14) Piper Landon

Piper Landon is more than just a pop singer – she is a blogger, an actress, a photographer, and more. She maintains a blog that covers topics like home goods, fashion, and relationship advice. She also shows off her fitness routines, outfits, and studio snacks on her Instagram. As she prepares her first EP, Piper is poised for a breakout in 2019.

We chose these musicians for their unique content, musical talent, and penchant for virality. While music is their mode of choice, each influencer produces content that is widely appealing, offering their audiences much more than just music to enjoy. Whether it’s a comedic how-to, an eye-opening vlog, a glimpse into their sense of style, or behind-the-scenes footage, these influencers and thousands like them offer brands limitless opportunities for collaboration.

February 19, 2019
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