Dear Julius: How Can I Get In Touch With Influencers?

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Welcome to “Dear Julius”—a series dedicated to helping our readers navigate Julius and the influencer marketing industry. We love our customers, and we often get questions from them that are smart, interesting, and make us think. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to share our responses with the public to share knowledge. Have a burning question to ask? Email us and we’ll consider answering it on the blog.

Dear Julius,

How can I get in touch with influencers? Also, I know that some influencers have managers—should I reach out to them? How do I know what the right thing to do is, and how can I do that through Julius?



Dear Jeremy,

You’re in luck—Julius can help you out here, in just a few clicks!

Our research team identifies publicly available contact information (email and phone) for influencers (and their representation if applicable) and puts that information directly on their Julius profile.

Certainly, different managers and representatives play different roles for different influencers. Based on their title and company, we can make a few safe assumptions about their responsibilities, and include this information next to their title. For example, see the image here:
Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 12.45.02 PMNow that you know where contact information lives, there are three ways you can reach out to the influencer:
    1. Message them through Julius. By clicking on the blue envelope icon, or adding them to a campaign and then sparking a conversation through the Messages Tab there, you can email the influencer or a representative directly in Julius. When you initiate the conversation through Julius, all of the influencer’s replies will appear in both Julius and your email inbox, so you never miss a beat. If a colleague is working on the campaign in Julius with you, they will also see the conversation and be able to follow along. There are a few other benefits to using Julius Messaging and if you’d like to learn more, contact your Customer Support representative or submit a request in the Help Center.
    2. Email them outside of Julius. As you can see in the image above, we make contact information public so you can get in touch using your own personal email. Our clients appreciate the flexibility to reach out privately if they choose to, and keeping contact information public saves our customers time and the trouble of tracking it down.
    3. Call them directly, if a phone number is available. Julius is all about building relationships, and sometimes hopping on the phone is the best way to do that. We only add their phone number if it is publicly available and our team finds it, we’ll add it under the contact’s name.

If no contact information is found on Julius, it’s because we couldn’t find their phone or email—and sometimes, it’s because they only have a contact form on their website. In that case, we recommend going to their website and filling out the form, or directly messaging them on social media.

It’s super important to make a solid first impression with influencers, and being professional but personable is the key to attracting attention quickly.If you’d like to see some best practices for pitching to influencers, check out this blog post which has a few templates for you to get the juices flowing.

Thanks, and let us know if you have any questions!
January 11, 2021
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