Dear Julius: How Do You Add Influencers To The Platform?

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Welcome to “Dear Julius”–a series dedicated to helping our readers navigate Julius and the influencer marketing industry. We love our customers, and we often get questions from them that are smart, interesting, and make us think. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to share our responses with the public to share knowledge. Have a burning question to ask? Email us and we’ll consider answering it on the blog.

Dear Julius,

We’re constantly on the hunt for new influencers. We’ve been working with a few of the same influencers for a while, and just want to know if you’re growing the platform? How do you source influencers, and how can I make sure the influencers I need are included?


Hi Raphael,

Great question! There are typically three ways we add an influencer to Julius, which I’ve outlined below.
    1. Customer Requests: The largest amount of influencers we add per month comes directly from our customers. More often than not, a customer discovers the influencer(s) on their own and submits a ticket in the Help Center to have them added. You, too, should feel free to submit a ticket–just be sure to include the influencer’s social media handles, and we’ll do the rest! Alternatively, customers should feel free to share their strategic and campaign needs with their account manager. Our customer support team is very hands-on, and they can work with the research team to ensure that they consider customer needs to make a greater impact over time.
    2. Research Team Discovery: Our research team is on the pulse of the influencer marketing industry, and does their best to identify up-and-coming influencers that our customers need, across all verticals and social media platforms.
    3. Influencer Requests: Rising influencers can request to be added to Julius. Influencers know that getting into platforms like Julius is a great way to get in front of potential brand partners. While this doesn’t make up a majority of our new profiles, it does happen quite significantly.

You should know, no matter what, our research team builds the profiles manually, using human-intelligence to add tags, identify contact information (if available), and ensure quality control.

As you have most likely heard by now, we have recently acquired HYPR, another leading influencer marketing platform, and plan on merging millions of their influencer profiles into Julius. More details on that to come soon, but get excited!
October 05, 2020
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