Pepsi Taps Twitter Influencers to Amplify Their Super Bowl Push

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By: Jared Augustine

It’s almost time for the big game and everyone knows what that means… commercials and advertisements everywhere.

The Super Bowl is a huge event for brands to activate around. The Super Bowl is the only program of the year where consumers are actively interested viewing commercials. Pepsi has jump-started their activation around the big game by using social media influencers to promote their brand and the Super Bowl halftime show.

As the official sponsor of the halftime show, Pepsi has a huge advantage on the marketing front. However, as any smart company does, they took their campaign to the Twitter to gain even more traction for themselves. The brand launched and used social media influencers to promote the site with a short video of themselves counting down the days until the game. Anna Akana was just one of the influencers that participated in this campaign, posting a video of herself dancing and cheering.

In addition to the countdown, Pepsi teamed up with PepsiCo brand Tostitos and Sam’s Club for their “stock up like a Super Bowl champion” campaign. Michael Irvin posted multiple tweets, tagging all three brands and relating it back to the Super Bowl. Again, this is a great way for the companies to get traction online using a social media influencers to promote their products as one package. Joe Flacco also got involved in this campaign posting a tweet with a video link to his advertisement. His personality and humor are evident in the ad and his followers can enjoy the video while also being exposed to branded content.

Pepsi’s sponsorship of the Super Bowl halftime show is worth millions of dollars; however, they recognize the value of social media influencers and the power of branded content to promote their brand. By having these individuals post prior to the Super Bowl, Pepsi has successfully activated around their ‘super’ sized sponsorship.

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February 03, 2017
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