Weekly Roundup: Week of 10/14/2019

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

Stories to follow:

Baby influencers: How infants and kids are making big bucks on social media (Fox Business)

RyansToysReviews, a 7-year-old YouTube sensation, has raked in over $22 million in advertising money for his toy reviews. He’s turned his internet fame into a TV show on Nick Jr., and is a blueprint for parent-sponsored kid content on YouTube. However, there are inherent risks for parents sharing their kids on social media, especially the parents of influencers. Many have to weigh the value of their influence with the risks of publicity.

Social influencers have led to the rise in fast fashion, with 30% of shoppers using Instagram for inspiration (Internet Retailing)

According to a report by the Fashion Retail Academy, 54 percent of people believe influencers are the reason why fast-fashion brands like H&M and Fashion Nova have become so popular. Instagram has also “grown into one of the top sources of fashion inspiration,” with over 17 percent of respondents using it to stay on top of current trends in fashion.

Insights to digest:

Influencers are changing the face of commerce for good (Quartz)

By democratizing fame and fortune, influencers have fundamentally changed the way our society perceives success. You don’t have to be Michael Jordan to get sponsored by Nike – your status is bestowed by consumers, not by corporate or agency gatekeepers. Quartz makes the case that influencers, and the necessity for authenticity in the work, has given consumers more power to support brands and people they actually believe in.

Instagram influencers like Caroline Calloway are creating a nameless, faceless subclass (NBC)

Reacting to the Caroline Calloway controversy, in which the influencer’s estranged ghostwriter spilled all her dirty secrets, author Megan Angelo offers a counterpoint to the Quartz article we just referenced. She argues that, while many of us are aware of the hallmarks of influence (she cites the not-so-candid photo ops as an example), if consumers were aware of how much backstage work went into crafting the image of influence, well, it wouldn’t be so influential. In fact, it can be considered toxic.

On the horizon:

Black Instagram influencers call out 'blackfishing' white women for racial appropriation (NBC)

“Blackfishing,” a phenomenon in which white female influencers appropriate traditional black fashion and culture, and even go so far as to darken their skin to appear black, or at the very least non-white, on social media. Several black influencers have taken to Twitter to criticize the practice, arguing that it’s a racist expression of white privilege to “cosplay as a black person.”

Social media ad spend to surpass print for first time (Marketing Land)

According to Zenith Media, social media ad spend will reach $84 billion globally by the end of the year. That includes social media ads, paid search, and native ads. Paid search is leading the charge, with small businesses of all kinds diving into the social media ecosystem. One can assume that social media ad spend will climb even higher as the momentum of influencer marketing increases.

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October 17, 2019
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