Weekly Roundup: Week of 10/21/2019

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

Stories to follow:

Instagram Is Banning Plastic-Surgery-Effect Filters (The Cut)

Continuing its efforts to promote wellness and mental health on the platform, Instagram will soon remove face-altering filters with “plastic surgery like effects.” This comes amid a slew of changes made for the mental wellbeing of Instagram’s millions of youth users. Chief among those changes, of course, is the proposed removal of likes.

NutriBullet’s Fake Influencers Give Absurd Advice You Probably Shouldn’t Follow (AdWeek)

NutriBullet, the wellness-inclined blender company, takes a few friendly jabs at influencers in its latest ad campaign. They created several hyperbolic characters like “Optimizer Kate” and “The Chakra Chick” who star in videos walking their followers through their unnecessarily complex morning routines – only to be cut off by someone with a Nutribullet. Ironically enough, Nutribullet has an active influencer marketing program.

Insights to digest:

The fatigue hitting influencers as Instagram evolves (BBC)

The world of influence can be a challenging one: for every influencer who “makes” it, there’s seemingly one who burnt out or walked away. BBC spoke to former influencers like photographer Jessica Zollman, who for various reasons left the practice behind. As it stands, the market is correcting – influencers are professionalizing, taking fewer sponsorships in favor of long-term deals with brands that align with their values and lifestyles, rather than hustling where they can for a buck.

Top Travel Secrets of Women Entrepreneurs (Reservations.com)

The word influencer – especially female travelers – conjures an image of a stereotypically scantily-clad sorority girl, seeing the world on someone else’s dime. In reality, some of the most prominent female travel influencers are the entrepreneurs who hustle coast-to-coast for their livelihoods. Check out this writeup of the top travel secrets of female entrepreneurs who conduct their business on the move.

On the horizon:

How Instagram influencers are changing the restaurant industry (Tampa Bay Times)

Local Floridian restaurant owners reflect on the rise of influencers and the effects they’ve had on the restaurant industry. Harkening back to the importance of “Instagrammability,” many point out that white linens and traditional decor are out, while vertical plates, murals, and neon signs are in. Though some lament this as a loss, restaurants can take advantage of low-cost advertising alternatives, like influencers, to make a name for themselves at a small business budget.

Meet the inmate influencers making 6 figures from prison posts (NY Post)

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of niche in influencer marketing. This niche, however, even took us by surprise – former inmates are making a living on social media talking about life in prison. They don’t pull their punches and don’t glorify the prison lifestyle either; they tell it like it is, answering community questions and giving advice for those heading into and out of jail, as well as answering questions for the curious minds of the internet.

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October 24, 2019
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