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2022 Influencer Marketing Trend Predictions

With 72.5% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets over 2022 (Statista)...

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Why 2021 Is the Year for TikTok

It's fair to say that TikTok has thrived amidst abundant free time during lockdowns, and as a result...

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2023 Influencer Marketing Trends

With the influencer marketing industry growing from a $1.7 billion dollar industry in 2016 to $16.4...

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5 Ways to De-Risk Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Brands now rely on influencer marketing more than ever, mainly because of its success rates and...

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Matters of Influence: Week of 2/28/2022

Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm...

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