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Find fashion influencers

Who are the creators with the most clout in clothing, shoes, style? Julius has millions to find.

Earrings, purses, tops, shoes — no matter what product you're trying to market, HYPR can help you find the right niche of social media creators. More and more, people are turning to peer-to-peer recommendations and away from celebrity endorsements. Our platform helps you find, activate, and measure performance of the best influencers engaging your audience. Request a demo.


Launch and measure ROI of fashion campaigns on Instagram

From male fashion influencers to minimalists and more: Julius tracks billions of social conversations to help you discover the best creators. We are the only platform that offers tools to calculate true reach, like our Audience Overlap tool to help you measure duplicate audiences across different influencer configurations. We also have the most comprehensive anti-fraud suite on the market. From fashionable celebrities to highly engaged micro-influencers, HYPR has them all for you to discover, evaluate, and activate at scale.

Why Julius?

  1. Millions of influencers. Our discovery tool has millions of influencers and is updated daily. We're not an opt-in platform, meaning you get unbiased results and pay no commission.
  2. Robust Content Search. Build a customizable query and use filters to sort through 450MM+ pieces of influencer content.
  3. Hundreds of happy clients. We have helped automate influencer campaigns for many major consumer brands and agencies. Our five-star account management team is at your service.

April 15, 2019
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