Matters of Influence: Week of 11/08/20

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

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What #GoodToVote Taught Adore Me About Influencer Marketing (Media Post)

HeadCount’s campaign for encouraging new voters to register started with celebrities, but when Adore Me joined in, they quickly discovered that micro-influencers were capable of making a different kind of impact. In preparation for the campaign, the brand drew from their own creator platform to find influencers with smaller followings and more engaged audiences. After setting an initial goal to register 1,000 new voters total, they were astounded to see that the micro-influencers collected 1,700 in just the first 10 days. Calling micro-influencers “the real future of influencer marketing,” the vice president of strategy at Adore Me explains how the creators they worked with were able to make such a strong impact, and what campaign plans they have for the future.

TikTok Launches New Hub to Support Black-Owned Businesses (Social Media Today)

After just kicking off the start of Native American heritage month, TikTok is taking even more initiative to support diversity and inclusion with their latest feature. This week, the platform will be running a campaign with their new partner Shopify to promote black-owned businesses with the hashtag #ShopBlack. TikTok teases that the campaign will feature some of the platform’s top creators, and will even include custom AR effects, music, and more. Check out the campaign to see the 41 creators who will be featured, and take a sneak peek at #ShopBlack to see what’s already trending.


Twitter Shares New Insights on Consumer Hopes and Expectations Around the Holidays (Social Media Today)

People are hyped for the holidays this year—to say the least. After Pinterest reported a surge in holiday-related searches in June, it should come as no surprise that Twitter reports that this year has seen a 10 percent increase in Christmas mentions compared to 2019. Many discussions are about what this unprecedented holiday season might look like, and how people are planning on celebrating without big, in-person parties and gatherings. A large number of users have also expressed plans to buy gifts early, and to shop from small businesses. No matter how different the landscape may look this year, holiday planners are as excited as ever to celebrate the season.


[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Tips to Help Plan Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns (Social Media Today)

One of the most tangible ways the holiday season will be different this year is the complete reinvention of Black Friday. With many large-scale retailers closing their doors the day of to prevent the spread of COVID, Cyber “Monday” will be more like Cyber Weekend. In fact, many brands have already started, but it’s not too late to start planning a campaign. These smart tips (such as planning ahead for mobile shoppers, and including recognizable branding) can help you join in on what is likely to be the biggest Black Friday for online shoppers yet.


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No matter how popular influencer marketing is, there will always be skeptics. Marketers understand the value of influencers from experience, but anecdotal evidence is only half of the equation. The industry is booming, and we have the numbers to prove it—that’s why we’ve created this guide to addressing skeptics in 2020. We’ve collected current facts and recent data to prove the value of effective influencer marketing to even the most cynical critic. Read more to find out what the top five myths about the industry are, and how to deconstruct the most common misconceptions.


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Cause marketing is all about quality storytelling, and aligning with influencers that strongly believe in the same things your brand does is paramount of success. That’s why we’ve built out our Cause filter with thousands of tags so you can find the influencers that are the right fit. Combine the Cause filter with others to find partners that fit all of your requirements. Check out this Help Center article to find out more.
November 11, 2020
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