Matters of Influence: Week of 8/16/20

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

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In the Face of Big-League Issues, TikTok Strikes Deals With the Yankees, YES Network (AdWeek)
Amidst troubling headlines, the Yankees have continued to pursue a deal with TikTok. Although the future of the platform is in question, it seems that baseball team has pursued a content partnership, a testament to the platform's ability to capture a younger demographic's attention. TikTok still stands firm that it will not be going anywhere soon, and is growing its case against the Trump administration.

Can Instagram Provide ‘Reel’ Competition to TikTok? (AdWeek)
It seems like just yesterday that rebranded to become TikTok, and all of a sudden Gen Z was addicted to the content on this highly engaged community. It begs the question, can Instagram's direct counter 'Reels' actually replace it if the US ban is implemented? Time will tell whether it can actually replicate what TikTok does best.

The Power of Video: 44 Stats for Marketers & Business Owners in 2020 (Social Media Today)
While TikTok and Reels are certainly getting the most buzz these days, one thing is for sure–video is still king. However, the most important part of video content, especially from influencers, is created content specifically for the platform and the audience that will consume it. Take a look at this infographic to understand why you need to incorporate video into your next campaign, and other considerations as you develop your strategies.


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We love our customers, and we often get questions from them that are smart, interesting, and make us think. Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to share our responses with the public to share knowledge. In this "Dear Julius" post, learn which influencers are added to the platform. Read more here.

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There are many reasons why a marketer wants to take a look at the influencer's past branded history. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that the influencer has branded experience. If so, have they worked with any competitors or red flag brands? And, how did that content perform? All of these reasons are why we built the Brands Tab on influencer's profiles. To learn more about what data we offer about an influencer's branded history, take a look at this Help Center article.
August 19, 2020
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