Matters of Influence: Week of 8/2/20

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

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White House Gives TikTok Until September 15th to Sell Its Business: Here's What You Need to Know (Social Media Today)
The uncertain fate of TikTok looks like it will end with an ultimatum: sell to an American-owned business by mid-September, or face the ban. Microsoft is considering a TikTok acquisition, given the opportunity to enter a new social network outside of LinkedIn. Although there has been a lot of noise about banning the platform in the US, the platform insists that "they're not going anywhere." In fact, the platform is continuing to pump out best practice content, like how to boost content. Marketers are still driving traffic and sales from TikTok, and TikTok execs are calling for other social platforms to unveil their algorithms too, so it will be interesting to see how all parties react as big decisions are made.

Five Lessons For Ensuring Influencer Marketing Success Now (Talking Influence)
Influencer marketing is here to stay. More recent reports are proving that working with influencers, and repurposing their content across the marketing funnel, are effective ways to drive impact and achieve goals. Influencers can be agile, reflect the target consumers, and be a great way to lend depth to a brand's voice.

13 Things To Remember When Engaging With An Influencer (Forbes)
Take advice from experienced industry pros who know how to work with influencers, at scale. This checklist of best practices is great to have in your backpocket as you gear up for your next activation. Have your own tips, stats, or insights you'd like to share? Have any Words of Wisdom that you'd like to share with the Julius audience? Send us a note and we'd love to have you contribute to the blog. Email us at


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It’s not just big brands that have a lot to gain from social media partnerships–startups, too, can benefit from this dynamic and engaging marketing channel. In Part 2 of this series, find out when and how to engage influencers throughout the entire conversion funnel, and even why entrepreneurs should have them on their advisory board. Read more here.

Julius product spotlight

Julius has two ways to calculate Engagement Rate. The first is Reach (based on the influencer's followers) and the second is Estimated Impressions. To date, Estimated Impressions has been set in stone based on our research of platform-specific algorithms, but we are now pleased to announce that our customers can customize their own percentages for these values. Read this Help Center article to learn how to update your values.
August 05, 2020
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