Words of Wisdom: Repurposing Influencer Content

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Influencer marketing is not easy. From strategy development, to production, to reporting, it’s a dynamic and nuanced channel that requires patience; but over time, best practices form, processes begin to streamline workflows, and marketers circle around stats and insights that help the industry move forward. In this series, we aim to share quick, easy-to-digest pieces of content that will help you find success with influencer marketing, quickly. Have advice to share? Email us and we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Influencer content can live in many places beyond their own social media feeds, so it's important to leverage partnerships for all they’re worth. It all comes down to strategic planning and being crystal clear as influencer contracts are developed. Influencers should not be surprised to see their content live on other channels. When you repurpose influencer content, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be platform specific, and make sure the content and the format is built for the channel.
  • Let influencers stay true to themselves–even though the content is living on the brand’s channels, it will fall flat if it is over-scripted.
  • If you plan to segment your target audience, consider making unique versions of the content for each segment to drive customized CTAs or deepen the connection through specific storytelling.
  • Make sure the influencer understands the desired CTAs and goals associated with the content. This will not only help spark new ideas with the creative, but also help audiences understand what steps to take.
  • Beyond core KPIs for achieving marketing goals, take time to learn from the repurposed and brand-created content. Evaluate what did or did not work and gain insights for future campaigns and partnerships.
Danny Palestine, Head of Product Marketing at Julius, is an industry veteran with over 11+ years working with some of the biggest brands in the world. With most of his experience at PR and advertising agencies in NYC, Danny joined the Julius team in 2017 and now leads content, social & product marketing strategy, and lends his expertise to support key stakeholders. When not at work, Danny is a proud new father, Star Wars & F1 fan, and avid cyclist.  danny-headshot


August 10, 2020
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