Weekly Roundup: Week of 6/7/20

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

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Black Influencers Speak Out About What Brands and Followers Can Do Better (Huffington Post)

Black beauty influencers are proving to be a tour-de-force in the Black Lives Matter movement. As civil strife continues to impact the country, these powerful community leaders are vocalizing their opinions on how brands can bridge the gap. In the same turn, with their vast reach and social media impact, these influencers are also able to connect and mobilize their audiences to make a difference.

How social platforms are responding to the #BlackLivesMatter protests across the US (Social Media Today)
Social media platforms, like many businesses and organizations around the world, are taking action in response to the Black Lives Matter protests. While some are changing their marketing efforts, many are also updating features to drive change. For example, Pinterest added a few updates that provide informational resources, locations for donation, and ways for allies to stay informed. On a more corporate level, LinkedIn is offering free courses in diversity and inclusion to improve community understanding. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Getting to Know TikTok Users (Social Media Today)
TikTok has stormed social media and influencer marketing by storm. Over the past couple of years, their user base has grown exponentially, largely due to influencers creating captivating and engaging content. However, what's on the platform besides lip syncing and challenge videos? This infographic breaks down what you need to know about their users, and in a previous Matters of Influence we shared an article about how TikTok users are growing up -- check it out, here


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COVID-19 has put a new lens on how influencers are approaching brand work and partnerships. Matters of Influence contributor Colin Croughan sat down with Leo Chan of @LevitateStyle to understand how he's been able to navigate the industry during this turbulent time. Learn how he's tackling projects, his content production process, and his predictions for the future. Read now.

Julius product spotlight

While Julius' bread and butter is influencer identification, the platform boasts robust workflow and management tools to help our customers stay organized and save time. Once customers find a potential influencer partner, we recommend that they move an influencer into a List, or even directly into a Campaign. Don't lose track of the influencers that are interesting. Read this Help Center article to learn how to move influencers into a List or Campaign in just a few clicks. 
June 10, 2020
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