Weekly Roundup: Week of 2/2/20

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Influencer marketing news moves at the speed of social media. Every platform update, algorithm tweak, and current event makes a huge difference to the influencer marketer. We’ll help you keep up.

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[Infographic] Social Media Use Among Millennials (Social Media Today)
Several reports have suggested that Facebook is losing touch with younger audiences; however, new findings indicate that Facebook shouldn't be counted out. Study reveals 77% of Millennials are active on the platform every day, outranking Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, among others–something marketers should consider in their digital marketing strategies.

9 Social Media Goals to Help Boost Your Strategy (Social Media Today)

Experimenting with AR, befriending social algorithms, and you guessed it–collaborating with micro-influencers, are just a few of the strategies to help you gain traction in 2020. First and foremost, it's important to identify which will be the most impactful for your business. Find out which brands are utilizing each tactic, and how they've been successful.

Can Byte Overtake TikTok? (Mashable)

This viral video app has seen nearly twice as many downloads as its predecessor, Vine, received in its first week on the App Store. While YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are stiff competitors in the industry, Byte is differentiating itself by sharing its ad revenue with its most popular users in an initial "pilot period." Will monetization lure enough influencers to the platform–only time will tell!

How to Ace the Influencer Marketing Game in 2020 (The Drum)

Influencer marketing has proven to be successful and effective for brands across a variety of industries. As companies allocate more and more budget to influencer marketing, it's especially important to be aware of the challenges marketers will face this year. Keeping an eye on influencer compensation, metrics, and authenticity will help put you ahead of the game.

Featured Blog:

Once you have identified an influencer and have successfully piqued their interest, it may be time to negotiate a valuable exchange or compensation rate. Many elements can impact the value the influencer and marketer settle on - the more control you ask for, the higher the cost is going to be. Let’s take a look at what you should consider as you gear up into discussions with the influencer, as it pertains to the deliverables of your campaign.

Julius Product Spotlight:

Influencers are complex. They have many interests and passions, but sometimes you want to make sure they are not interested in certain things, too. For example, you want to find influencers that are interested in fashion, but are not interested in marijuana. In Julius, you can filter against just that! After you add the fashion interest tag, click ‘Add Filter’ select the Interest filter, and then find the Function Box and toggle over to ‘None’, and search for marijuana. Click ‘Save’ and you’ll see this result.  Pretty cool, right? Submit a ticket in the Help Center if you have questions!
February 07, 2020
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