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Influencer Marketing is not easy. From strategy development, to production, to reporting, it’s a dynamic and nuanced channel that requires patience; but over time, best practices form, processes begin to streamline workflows, and marketers circle around stats and insights that help the industry move forward. In this series, we aim to share quick, easy-to-digest pieces of content that will help you find success with influencer marketing, quickly. Have advice to share? Email marketing@juliusworks.com and we’d love to hear what you have to say.

In order to quickly appeal to influencers who receive dozens of pitches a day, it is important to quickly grab and hold their attention, and pique their interest to find out more. Brevity is key, but proving that you’ve done research is a great way to build a relationship with an influencer from the first point of contact.

Nobody likes getting spam–make sure the pitch is targeted specifically for the influencer, and clearly relays why they are a perfect fit for the campaign. Generalizations get overlooked. Like all marketing efforts, knowing your audiences (in this case, an influencer) is paramount to finding success.

Consider these three ways to customize a campaign pitch to appeal to the influencer:

Angle 1 – Highlight Influencer Content

Influencer content can gain traction when the content has a quality story that the consumers feel is engagement-worthy. Influencers are the best at coming up with stories that make their audience excited–leaning into this is a great way to align with the influencer organically.

How Julius Can Help

Engagement Tab
Discover what is working for influencers by understanding what content resonated with their audiences. We display both organic and paid top performing content, just for further inspiration.


Posts Tab
If you want to truly understand what an influencer and their audience care about, you must dive deep into their content and consume their stories. Have a specific topic in mind? The Post Tab enables you to build a Boolean query to help discover content that matters most to your brand.


Angle 2 – Highlight Influencer Skill Set

Your unique campaign may require influencers to have a unique still set or knowledge that will make them qualified to participate. Whether your ideal influencer is a craft master, a small business owner, or an expert on a skill only learned through experience, it will be important to rationalize why that skill is important for the campaign.

How Julius Can Help

Interest Tags
Influencers are more than just the vertical they sit in–they have passions that make them who they are. Julius’ Interest Tags are sourced from our Research Team, who keeps a finger on the pulse of influencer activity, and marks influencers for what they care about beyond their core industry.


About Tab
To get a full 360 view of an influencer’s online presence, the Julius Research Team keeps track of many matters and events about the influencer. Some of these details include a brief bio, recent headlines featuring the influencer, and other descriptions that help marketers get to know the influencer–all in one page.


Angle 3 – Share Creative Insight

A modern marketing strategy is not just about the content that must resonate with the audience–it’s the story that is being told. Leaning into a belief, community, or emotional action that aligns with an influencer’s values is a strong way to build an organic relationship that will resonate. Finding relatability, understanding, and personal alignment is paramount to telling a story that will not only inspire the influencer, but also influence audiences.

How Julius Can Help

Cause Tags
From non-profits, to societies, to fundraising, influencers from all walks of life share what they care about on social media. We log this information so that Julius customers can find influencers who are already taking actions that a brand believes in, and find opportunities to create stories with purpose together.


Custom Tags
The world is big, and marketers know their brands better than anyone. That’s why Julius developed Custom Tags as a way for Julius users to create their own tags and label influencers in their own vernacular.


Audience Data
It’s not just about the influencer, though–creating stories that impact the influencer’s audience is, of course, important as well. By looking at a wide variety of an influencer’s audience’s Demographic, Location, Interests and more, marketers can start to paint a picture of what matters to the target consumer, and create partnership opportunities based on that.

Danny Palestine, Head of Product Marketing at Julius, is an industry veteran with over 11+ years working with some of the biggest brands in the world. With most of his experience at PR and advertising agencies in NYC, Danny joined the Julius team in 2017 and now leads content, social & product marketing strategy, and lends his expertise to support key stakeholders. When not at work, Danny is a proud new father, Star Wars & F1 fan, and avid cyclist.  danny-headshot


August 31, 2020
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